Lavasplendor: textile microbiological control

Lavasplendor is the Laundry to which we entrust all our textiles in the rooms and the breakfast service, which works daily, but above all concretely, to implement and ensure the quality in everything it does.

In addition to ensuring a production process compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, it offers certified hygiene of the treated linen, meeting the strict requirements of the recent UNI EN ISO 14065: 2004.

Each procedure, any phase or result of the business process is therefore supervised, with absolute attention to compliance with hygiene and safety regulations, by carrying out repeated microbiological checks on machinery, tools and equipment used during processing.

Particular care is taken in washing the laundry, so that this process guarantees an effective result.

A small chemical laboratory allows you to check the actual concentration of the dosed products, the correct compliance of the samples taken with the desired standards and any drifts of the automatic equipment during construction.

All stages of the Lavasplendor process are monitored by a computer system that guarantees the traceability of the linen, the progress of the work and its effectiveness.

The results of the controls, recorded in a database and converted into quality performance indicators, are used to prevent or identify possible causes of non-compliance, and initiate corrective actions for quality improvement.

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