Meeting Room Chardonnay

Dimensions: m. 7.80 x m. 13.30 x h. m. 2.57 / 3.00 – total area sqm. 100.00.

The Meeting Room “Chardonnay”, named after the most loved and international white grape variety, is very bright and spacious, capable of accommodating up to 60 people.

Setting up of chairs and tables chosen by the customer.


  • Direct HDMI Connection Cable to Sony Digital Display 85" 4K Ultra HD
  • Internet line with broadband and WI-FI diffusion, with password access, guaranteed by optical fiber 2.0 up to 200 Mbps with back-up.
  • Microphones with or without wire
  • VHS – DVD player
  • Predisposition for simultaneous translation system
  • Video recording system
  • TV reception
  • Flipchart
  • Connection to centralized audio system with ceiling speakers
  • Adjustable air conditioning and heating.

Official Rates, VAT included:

Full day: € 250.00 – Half day: € 200.00 – Evening use: € 170.00

The Meeting Room Chardonnay is always sanitized with ozone with SCP technology and UV / UVC germicidal lamp using a special Purisan Qubo medical device produced by AMEL MEDICAL DIVISION. There is hand sanitizing gel and set-up of the seats spaced according to regional legislation.

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